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Welcome to the wiki of the Theoretical and Computational Chemistry group of Institute of Molecules and Materials of the Radboud University

The purpose of this wiki is:

  • to provide practical information to members of our group
  • to help new members, students, trainees, and guests get started
  • to provide an entry point to find software and data from our group that is freely available

To everyone in our group: feel free to login using your faculty of science account and add information that you wish you had when you started in our group.

For questions: contact Prof. Herma Cuppen and Prof. Gerrit C. Groenenboom

Group meeting schedule

Group meeting schedule theoretical chemistry

Practical hints for computer-related issues

Free software from our group

Research-topic related pages

Links to manuals of software used in our group

Other computational chemistry software

Getting started with Wikis

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.